Richard Rose, PhD
2607 15th Avenue
Canyon, TX 79015
806-557-4709, 806-676-9456


Program Chair, Instructional Technology and Design
West Texas A&M University
Canyon, Texas, 2008 – present
(Teaching graduate courses in Graphic Design, Animation, Business Computing, Computers in Education, Productivity Tools)

Senior Instructional Designer / EcoSystem Product Manager
Quantum Corporation
Englewood, CO, 2007- 2008
(Analysis, design, development, and evaluation for online and instructor-led courseware for Field Engineers servicing data storage robotics)

Lead Instructional Designer
Marine Navigation / International Operations
Aviation Courseware Development
Jeppesen, Inc. –A Division of Boeing Aircraft, Inc.
Englewood, CO, 2005-2007
(Task/needs analysis, course development, CBT planning and specifications for XML-based product (Marine Division), standards development)

Senior Instructional Designer
Director, Instructional Technology Assistance Group (1 full-time + 15 part-time)
Black Hills State University
Spearfish, SD, 2003 to 2005
(WebCT/Blackboard course development, WebCT/Blackboard administration, Distance Education faculty support, academic Website development, management of state-sponsored technology intern program, professional/staff development for technology. Note: I worked with WebCT CE and Vista, which are now part of the Blackboard line.)

Senior Instructional Design Specialist and Project Lead
Courseware Development Team
Microsoft Corporation
Bellevue, WA, 1996 to 2002
(Course development, project management, and technical writing for Microsoft Certified Support Engineer Program (MCSE). Specialty: SQL Server)

Lead Technical Trainer and Manager of Instructional Quality for Technical Training Group
Connecticut Computer Services, Inc. (CCS)
Southington, CT, 1994 to 1996
(Computer network training and trainer management. CCS is a Microsoft and Novell Authorized Training Center.)

Contributing Editor
Network Value-Added Reseller Magazine
Miller Freeman Publications
San Francisco, CA, 1994 to 1997 (concurrent with CCS position)
(Author of articles on training and soft-skills aspects of computer networking business)

Senior Instructional Design Specialist
Course Development and Evaluation
NOVELL Networking Corporation
Provo, UT, 1992 to 1994
(Course development and technical writing on Certified Novell Engineer program)

Educational Computer Specialist
Sweetwater School District #2
Green River, WY, 1990 to 1992

Full-Time Doctoral Candidate
State University of NY at Albany, 1988 to 1990
Computer Instructor
College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY, 1989
(Taught undergraduate courses in Database Management and Computing Fundamentals for Computer Science Majors)

Computer Training Manager
Administrative Resource System
Statewide Headquarters, State University of New York
Albany, NY, 1985 to 1988
(Planning for development of training system for multi-campus payroll, accounting, and personnel system; also database management)

Previous to 1985, I was a public school teacher (5 years), computer salesman (4 years), and graduate student. While a graduate student at New Mexico State University, I also taught Education Foundations courses.

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University Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)
Curriculum & Instruction-Adult Education
State University of New York at Albany, 1990

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)
Educational Management and Development
Graduate School of Education
New Mexico State University, 1979

Master of Science in Teaching
University of Chicago, 1974

Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude)
State University of New York at Albany, 1972

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Technical Certifications

CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+)
(The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a global organization representing 10,000 companies and professional IT members. CompTIA certification is widely recognized in the industry.)

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)
Enterprise Certified Novell Engineer (ECNE)
Novell Authorized Instructor (NAI)

Non-Technical Teaching Certifications

Elementary Teacher (K-6)
Music Teacher (K-12)
School Administrator and Supervisor (K-12)
School District Administrator (K-12)
(All permanent certifications issued by the New York State Department of Education)

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Recent Technical Training and Conferences Attended:

8th Annual National Sloan Consortium Conference on Online and Blended Learning
Chicago, Illinois
March 28-29, 2011

International Society for Technology in Education
National Conference
Denver Convention Center
Denver, CO
June 21-25, 2010

Teaching with Technology Idea Exchange
Marriott Digital Resource Center
University of Utah
June 10-11, 2010

Microsoft Technical Briefing
Texas Tech University
March, 2009

Texas Computer Educators Association
Austin Convention Center
February, 2009

Advanced Backup Technology School
Hyatt Regency Tech Center, Denver, CO
July, 2008

International Society for Technology in Education National Conference
Georgia World Congress
June, 2007

Training Solutions Conference and Expo
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, October, 2006

Boeing/Jeppesen Individual Leadership Training
Denver, September, 2006

Training 2006 Conference and Expo
Coronado Springs Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL
March 2006

WebCT (now Blackboard) National Convention (IMPACT!)
Marriot Hotel
San Francisco, July, 2005

MADLAT 2005: Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training Conference
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, CANADA, May, 2005

Northwest Council for Computer Education
Convention Center
Seattle, WA, March, 2005

Macromedia FLASH/FORWARD Conference and FLASH Film Festival
New Yorker Hotel
New York, NY, July, 2004

VideoMaker Conference
Wyndham Denver Technology Center
Denver, CO, June, 2004

MADLAT 2004: Manitoba Association for Distributed Learning and Training Conference
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, CANADA, May, 2004

Syllabus Boston: 5th Annual Educational Technology Conference
Hyatt Regency
Cambridge, MA, December, 2003

National Educational Computing Conference
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA, July, 2003

Online Course Development Days (including Click2Learn Authoring Tools)
Belltown Conference Center
Seattle, WA, July, 2002

Microsoft Structural Development Framework
Microsoft Corporate Headquarters
Bellevue, WA, August, 2001

National Online Learning Conference
Spectrum Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA, September, 2001

National Educational Computing Conference
Omni Complex
Atlanta, GA, June, 2000

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Teaching/Mentoring Skills for Call Center Managers
Quantum Professional Development
Englewood, Spring, 2008

Competitive Analysis of Private Pilot Instructional Systems
Aviation Courseware Development Forum
Jeppesen Conference Center
Denver, Spring, 2007

Designing Web Pages That Inspire Action
Faculty Technology Forum
Spearfish, SD, Spring, 2004

Using Online E-Packs to Supplement Instruction
Faculty Technology Forum
Spearfish, SD, Fall, 2003

[Note: No technical presentations were made while employed at Microsoft from 1996 through 2002. Microsoft discouraged employees outside Marketing from making public presentations.]

Optimizing Intranets for Human Resource Professionals
Human Resources Expo, Javits Center
New York City, Fall, 1997

Technical Training with Microsoft NT Networking Software
Microsoft Explorer Conference
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, July, 1996

Teaching Technical Topics Effectively
PC Expo Conference
Javits Convention Center
New York City, June, 1996

Networking Basics for Education Professionals
Florida Educational Technology Convention
Orlando, February, 1996

Interoperability Issues with Microsoft Windows NT
Connecticut Business Computer Exposition
Hartford, November, 1995

Networking Literacy: What Your Technician Wishes You Knew
National Educational Computing Conference
Boston, June, 1994

Servicing and Supporting NetWare
Novell National BRAINSHARE
Salt Lake City, March, 1994

Motivating the Mid-Career Technical Learner with Commercial Training Seminars
National Conference on the Adult Learner
University of South Carolina, May, 1993

Practical Pathways to Motivation in Adult Learning
Novell National BRAINSHARE
Salt Lake City, March, 1993

Practical Pathways to Motivation in Adult Learning
Novell National Quarterly Education Conference
Provo, July, 1992

Human Relations Aspects of Computer Acquisition in Rural American Schools
International Conference on Technology in Education
Paris, FRANCE, March, 1992

Human Relations Aspects of Computer Planning in Rural Schools
National Educational Computing Conference
Phoenix, 1991

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Academic Publications

Ray, J., Bingham, T. & Rose, R. (2011). Using the SKATE Method to Align Written Curriculum and Supporting E-Curriculum in Pre-service Teacher Education. In Proceedings of World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 2011 (pp. 1656-1660). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.
Retrieved from

Journal Article: Beyond Bandura—How Self-Validation Drives Enrollment in Online M.Ed Programs, The Forum of the Texas Association of Teacher Education, Volume 35, Fall 2010, pages 109-120.

Journal Article: Encapsulated Presentation: A New Paradigm of Blended Learning, The Educational Forum of Kappa Delta Pi, Volume 75 Number 3, scheduled to appear in July, 2011

Journal Article: Administrative Strategies for Preparing Teaching Candidates To Be Building Level Change Agents In Technology, Administrative Journal: Education, Practice, and Research, Volume 1, Issue 1, scheduled to appear February 2011

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Technical Publications

Training Workbook: Concepts of Storage Networking, May 2008 (Quantum)

Training Workbook: Introduction to Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks, May 2008 (Quantum)

CBT Training: Jeppesen Marine Electronic Charting System
November 2006. I was Lead Instructional Designer on this project.

Microsoft Official Curriculum Coursebooks:

Course 2591: Implementing Replication Using Microsoft
SQL Server 2000, released June 2002 (3 days). I was the Lead Developer.

Course 2013: Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Version 7.0, released August 2001 (3 days). I was the Lead Developer.

Course 2154: Implementing and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services, preliminary edition, released August 2000 (5 days). I was a Contributing Developer.

Course 1231B: Revised Edition: Developing a Commerce-Enabled Web Site with Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition, released June 1999 (2 days). I was the Lead Developer.

Course 1231A: Developing a Commerce-Enabled Web Site with Microsoft Site Server 3.0, Commerce Edition, released March 1998 (2 days). I was the Lead Developer.

Course 1293: Internet Information Server 4.0, released May 1997 (3 days). I contributed the chapters on Internet Site Analysis and Usage Analysis.

Course 924: Implementing Microsoft Commercial Internet System, released May 1997 (2 days). I was the Contractor Manager.

Novell Authorized Curriculum Coursebooks:

Courses 801A, 801B, 801C: Novell Networking Service and Support, several editions released in 1992, 1993, and 1994 (each 5 days). I was the Courseware Lead for this set of courses, which concentrated on the hardware and connectivity aspects of networking. These courses had an annual distribution of approximately 50,000 student kits per year, worldwide. They retailed for $1800 and were the Novell Education Division's 2nd biggest money maker.

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Articles in Trade and Professional Journals:

[Note: I was required to stop accepting ad-hoc writing assignments upon employment at Microsoft, although a few pieces that were already in the queues of various magazines for publication were permitted to appear later. Microsoft permits only members of the Sales, Sales Engineering, and Marketing Communications teams to publish on issues related to fields in which the company does business, which is virtually the entire computer industry.]

Detour on the I-Way: Microsoft and Novell Re-think Web-based Training,
TRAINING Magazine, December, 1997
[TRAINING is a national subscription monthly for training professionals.]

Learning Points on the Internet,
Network Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Magazine, April 1998
[Network VAR was a nationally-distributed monthly technical journal for the computer networking community.]

Taking a Chance with Online Learning,
Network VAR Magazine, February, 1998

Training Providers on the Internet,
Network VAR Magazine, October, 1997

Creating Work-Ready Network Professionals,
Network VAR Magazine, September, 1997
Lotus Training Trends: An Interview with VP Jim Krezwicki,
Network VAR Magazine, August, 1997

Microsoft's Training Vision: An Interview with General Manager Nancy Lewis,
Network VAR Magazine, August, 1997

Training Sells Service Sells Training,
Network VAR Magazine, March, 1997
Personnel Training,
LAN Magazine, February, 1997
[LAN was one of the major national periodicals in the networking industry during the Local Area Network boom. It was available at any quality newsstand and by subscription.]

Marketing Technical Training for Computer Networking, Parts 1 and 2,
Network VAR Magazine, October/November, 1996

Fast Times at Network High: A State of the Profession
Network VAR Magazine, August, 1996

Should I Teach Networking?,
Network VAR Magazine, June, 1996

Becoming a Networking Specialist,
Data Communications Management, May/June, 1996
[DCM is a scholarly journal.]

Writing Networking Proposals,
NetGains: Career Strategies for the Networking Professional, Spring, 1996

Partnering With Management in Networking Companies
Network VAR Magazine, March, 1996

12 Steps for Creating Self-Reliant Users,
NetGains: Career Strategies for the Networking Professional, Winter, 1996

Designing Graphic Aids for Network Training,
Network VAR Magazine, December, 1995

Working with Under-Prepared Networking Trainees,
Network VAR Magazine, November, 1995

Supervising Technical Trainers,
Network VAR Magazine, May, 1995

Technical Training as a Performing Art,
STACKS Magazine, March, 1995
[Stacks was a computer trade publication centered on networking.]

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